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We work with the most famous travel agencies in the island and we have all the best tours and excursions Antigua could offer. We could easily reach all the resorts and hotels on the island, we can fix one appointment, come to you and explain all the tours in details for free.

If you want book your tour with us, we come directly to you for the voucher of the deposit. Our email is:

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A full day through the main attractions and must be seen locations of Antigua, guests can visit the famous mills where the rum was produced, photographing the natural bridge of Devil’s Bridge, swim and touch the beautiful stingrays, swim, snorkel and explore the most beautiful beach among the 365 beaches: Half Moon Bay. Coming back from Half Moon Bay, we will pass through the rain forest, the day will end with a beautiful sunset from the heights near the famous Hotel Curtain Bluff. Fresh water included  in the price (lunch is not included).

Departure time 8:15 am only to return after dark. The times are not tight and you have a quiet and not rushing day.

Official rate:

160 USD per person (including Stingray City)


The tour which was awarded with the Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor since years is the Paddle tour, we will take you in this beautiful natural discovery of mangroves, fish and starfish, followed by the reach of the famous Hell Gate where you can snorkel searching for tropical fishes, lobsters and turtles, followed by a short walk to the discovery the wild and gorgeus Bird Island, famous for the nests of many bird species.

The return will be cheered from local fruits and local alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Then, You can have lunch at the beach of Long Bay (lunch not included) and relax in the shade of a palm tree. After we will visit the Devils bridge. On the way back we will stop to visit the sugarmills of Betty's hope. The way back is through the rainforest. The sunset from the heights of Curtain Bluff Hotel will close this wonderful day

Official rate:

160 USD per person (including Paddle Tour)






This tour includes both the Paddle tour and Stingray city, although it may seem very intense, the curiosity and adrenaline that these tours will transmit to the guests will ensure to experience them in full euphoria. After Paddle tour and Stingray City there will be a lunch at Long Bay around 2.30 pm, of course we recommend a full breakfast: paddle tour and stingray city have fixed times and it’s not possible  do otherwise. After lunch you can relax in full at the fabulous Long Bay. The return passes through the rain forest, than we will reach the height of the Curtain Bluff to photograph the amazing sunset.


Official rate:

190 USD per person - Stingray City and Paddle tour included






Your Stingray City Antigua Snorkel Adventure will be the

highlight of your vacation, and an experience that will live with you forever. Our Southern Rays are with out doubt The Brightest Rays in the Caribbean, very friendly and gentle. Come and enjoy with us this unique experience of touching and feeding a Stingray, together with snorkeling amongst magnificent coral reefs and colorful tropical fish.


Official price 60 USD ask for transportation





Antigua's Greatest Adventure Ride in the Heart of the Rainforest!

Experience it to Believe it! Please scroll down to find the tour made for you!

Open 6 days per week (closed on Sunday) with tours at 9am and 11am and other times by previous arrangement.

The Antigua Rainforest Canopy excursion is a unique eco-tour through Antigua's

lush rainforest where you embark on an unforgettable journey through the verdant forest, high above the trees. After being fully briefed by our experienced Rangers, who will also assist you with the required harness and equipment, your exhilarating tour of the rainforest journey can begin!


Official price from 69 to 115 USD - ask for traspotation





Includes 4WD jeep with driver/tour guide, 8 zip lines in the rainforest, kayak trought mangrove lagoon at South Coast Horizons Eco Park, snorkelling at Cades Reef with lunch and drink. Pick up from your accomodation included. Duration 6 hours approximately.

Official price 145 USD only monday and thursday





Includes, 4WD jeep with driver/tour guide, 8 zip line in the rainforest, swim with friendly stingrays at Stingray City Antigua with lunch and drinks. Pick up from your accomodation included. Duration 6 hours approximately.


Official price 165 USD – only tuesday and friday






It will take about an hour and fifteen minutes to cross to our Sister Island Barbuda aboard the "Excellence". Seeing Barbuda by boat is the best way to enjoy this nature island and its beaches. We cruise up the 17-mile beach named Low Bay, where in-season, turtle tracks will be visible as some species may return every two weeks or so - to lay up to 30 nests of 300 eggs.

At Low Bay, the "Excellence" will come up on the beach. And, a ladder will be lowered. At this point you are free to bask in the water or come with the group across to the "Codrington Lagoon" where the Barbudan guides will be waiting with their small boats. With about 10 people in each boat we are whisked across the lagoon and into the heart of the mangroves to the world’s largest Frigate bird colony.

We can get very close to these huge birds and the Barbudan guides will enchant you with their local knowledge and observations of the lives of the “Man ‘O’ War” bird, perhaps entice you to hold a jelly fish in this natural haven.

Something you don't want to miss!

We return to the "Excellence" and choices of lunch featuring barbeque chicken breast, and steamed Snapper filled will be served onboard. Come and enjoy this beautiful beach for a swim and work on your golden tan or play a game of take a romantic stroll and let your feet sink in this amazing sand.

See the natural beauty of Barbuda aboard the "Excellence". Rhythmic island music accompanies your day with us as we cruise back to the mainland. Duration 6 hours approximately.

Official price 159 USD trasportation included from your accomodation



As the fastest 82' Power cat in Antigua, the "Excellence" gets you further from the crowds and gives you more time to enjoy the reefs and beaches!Your shore excursion with us begins, as we pick you up from your hotel (or from St. John's if you are on a cruise-ship). We then pick up some speed as we head in a northeastern direction around the island. The experienced crew and Captain will point out picturesque spots including; Bird Island, Green Island and on the Atlantic side... well known "Devil's Bridge".The layout of this luxury catamaran is comfortable and inviting. With plenty of deck area both inside and outside. You can choose to relax in the sun or shade. If you want to lay on the front deck, that's ok. You may get splashed a bit by the water... but it's all part of the fun!Inside is a full bar. We are delighted to serve you a variety of beverages including; fruit punch, soft drinks, water, rum punch and juice. You're sure to capture many stunning photographs on this full day tour. Being on the water can be both exciting and relaxing. As we anchor on the shore of a secluded island, off the mainland. You can safely make your way onto the beach. Take time to observe nature up close. The waters around Antigua are home to many rare and colorful species of fish and coral. Enjoy snorkeling, swimming and sun-bathing. There is something for everyone. Our first-class crew will even serve you a cool beverage right on the beach. Sit back and relax. We will take care of everything. When you have had enough sun, you are welcome back onboard for lunch. We serve you a Choice of Chicken breast or Steamed fish on our BBQ grill with delicious side dishes, a choice for vegetarians on request .What could be better than an tasty lunch in a tropical paradise. Sun, sea and sand in all directions. As we head down the southern coastline. You will be amazed at the magnificent cliff formations - which have been carved by the sea over a millennium. The "pillars of hercules" are particularly unique. See the natural beauty our island paradise has to offer aboard the "Excellence". Rhythmic island music accompanies your day with us. Duration 6 hours approximately.

Official price 115 USD transportation included from your accomodation







A day of beachcombing, caving, guided snorkeling, exploring the reefs, mangrove forests and wildlife is disturbed only for a delicious lunch and perhaps a nap on a deserted white sand beach.This tour is also famously known as “Eli’s Eco Tour”. Using our open 52 foot powercat designed to get into shallow waters and tight reefy spots Duration approximately 6 hours.



Official price 115 USD - ask for traspotation







A round the island tour using our 45 ft offshore speed boat, specifically custom designed for our excursion. Spend more time at the best remote places including Stingray City, Green Island, Nelsons Dockyard & Rendezvous Bay. Our fast boat gives you more time to make stops as we go right around Antigua’s 365 beach coastline. Duration 6 hours approximately.

Official price 170 USD - ask for traspotation




Fly to the Volcano stricken island of Montserrat and see the devastation firsthand. This is our most popular tour. From Antigua you will fly direct to the East Coast of Montserrat. The entire flying tour of Montserrat is over the

“exclusion zone”, which is an area that has been designated off limits to habitation or ground transportation, so the best way to see the volcano is by helicopter. At the center of the exclusion zone is the Soufriere Hills Volcano,

rising to 3000 feet above sea level, still active and frequently emitting a combination of ash, smoke and steam.

One thousand feet below is the massive Tar River Gorge and Delta, which has formed over the last six years as a result of avalanches of hot gas, rock, ash, dust known as pyroclastic flows. The helicopter will then allow a view of Plymouth, the former capital of Montserrat which is now uninhabited, and in some places is buried in 40 feet

of ash. You will also see villages trapped in the exclusion zone such as Long Ground, Windy Hill and Spanish

Point. On the seaside, you will now find the W.H. Bramble Airport. Closed after being hit by a pyroclastic flow in

the fall of 1997, you will fly low down the abandoned runway at 100mph to give you a feeling of what it is like to

be on the ground near the volcano, but from the safety and comfort of a helicopter. After travelling along the East

Coast, you will leave the island of Montserrat behind, taking vivid memories with you back to Antigua. Duration

approximately 50 minutes.


Note: Tour route over the exclusion zone of Montserrat may vary depending on weather and volcanic conditions.

Note: Please bring your passport with you.


Official price 285 USD




Combine the exhilaration of a helicopter flight with the amazing tropical scenery of the south west coast of Antigua. Includes Cades Reef, Rendezvous Bay, Half Moon Bay and English Harbour. Duration approximately 20 minutes.


Official price 145 USD




Circumnavigate Antigua’s gorgeous coastline on this 30 minute tour. What better way to take in the highlights of Antigua than by helicopter! The exhilaration of flying in a helicopter low over the crystal clear waters will be an experience you will never forget. You will see it all! You will be met at our Fort Road Heliport just 10 minutes away from St John’s where you will be briefed on your flight before beginning your adventure. You will then board your awaiting private helicopter for a fully narrated and truly memorable Antigua tour. See more of Antigua in 30 minutes than most visitors see an entire vacation. This tour includes dramatic overhead views of most of Antigua’s hotels and historic sites, along with over 50 miles of translucent tropical waters, reef systems and, of course, 365 of the best beaches in the world! This breath-taking 30 minute tour ascends over Antigua's fabulous beaches and gives you a chance to see the entire circumference of Antigua. Every beach, hotel, reef and historic fortification is along the route, and as with all our tours, complete live narration by the pilot is included. You'll skim the crystal clear waters of the West Coast, over the extraordinary Cades Reef and past Rendezvous Bay. The super-yachts anchored at Falmouth Harbour will come into view, followed by historic English Harbour and Shirley's Heights Lookout. On the way back to the heliport, you will see Dickenson Bay and Sandals and lastly, Fort James built in 1706 to guard St. John’s Harbour from the

French. Duration approximately 30 minutes.


Official price 185 USD

Official price 185 USD




Fast motorboats transfer you from the kayak clubhouse to a remote lagoon where, after instruction, guides will lead a route thru mangroves inlets and tiny islands. Look for shy turtles, skimming ballahoo and starfish in the inlets. Reboarding your boat, an exhilarating 20 minute ride in the North Sound Marine Park will bring you to an uninhabited island, the habitat of small wildlife and tropical birds. Take an 8 minute guided nature walk to the top and be rewarded with stunning vistas. Bring your camera!

After the short descent to the beach, relax under a coconut tree, explore the island or soak in the crystal shallows off the beach. Keen snorkelers can reboard the boat and head to an offshore reef; guides will assist with gear and show the best spot to seek amazing marine life. Heading back to the clubhouse by boat, discover more islands and lovely coastline along the way; look out for endangered West Indian Whistling ducks near Guiana Island as you skim through ‘The Narrows’.

The kayak clubhouse is located at the owners beautiful home in their vibrant tropical garden, filled with mature trees and flowers. Here you will be treated to delicious refreshments and warm hospitality.

Official price 60 USD

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