Holiday in Antigua and Barbuda Caribbean Sea


We are Giuliana and Alex, a couple of Italians who decided to change their lives by moving to

Antigua in the Caribbean where the climate is good all the year. We offer rooms with private bathroom in our Guest house or villas to suit all budgets for your holiday.


Did you already book your holiday online?

If you have already booked your holiday to Antigua, we could come for FREE to your hotel (if you don't have assistance in your hotel) in order to explain all the tours, trips and excursions available on the island at discounted prices. We can book them for you.



Where to stay in Antigua? 

If your idea of holiday is having a full and deep experience of the island, staying at our Guest house or renting a villa in Jolly Harbur will give this possibility. TRIPADVISOR REVIEWS 5 on 5

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There are 365 beaches in total in Antigua, one for every day of the year. If your holiday is sunbathing on a pristine beach or you prefer nice beaches in the Caribbean with facilities, all of them are waiting for you in Antigua.


Are you on the cruiseship in the Caribbean?

If you have only few hours to visit Antigua, we can offer you official tours and excursions with an expert guide at lower prices than the trips you find on the cruiseship.




Rent a car

If you are thinking about a way to see more beaches as possible, Hertz will deliver the car directly at your accomodation without any additional charge.



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Last Minute and promo about your holidays in Antigua

If your perfect holiday is beautiful beach and sea, Antigua is your perfect location. Antigua, a gem in the Caribbean sea. It is an island in the turquoise waters and lush vegetation, proud of its 365 beaches, one for every day of the year is the right location for your holidays. Antigua, is a happy land in the Caribbean sea where summer lasts all year round, with the climate tempered by trade winds that save this jewel of the Antilles from the rainy season, the perfect place for a winter holiday in the Caribbean. In addition to the nature, in Antigua, there are still the remains of a great colonial past when the island was cultivated sugar cane, and then again gastronomic offer with all the flavors of the Caribbean, the rhythm of reggae and calypso music, a sparkling and colorful carnival which is celebrated in the summer months. Holiday expensive? You are wrong, the Guest House Antigua Chiama Italia will make you spend an unforgettable holiday without sacrificing your wallet. If you want to read some interesting travelogues or reviews of our location in Antigua, look at those: Turisti per CasoLibero Viaggiil Giramondo.netilViaggio.itTripAdvisorTravelBlog.itLonely Planet or on Facebook or Lonely Planet, Le mie e le vostre Passioni,,,,,  Appunti sul Blog.

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